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Computer Education

We deals in Computer Basic Education to advance computer Education and specialization in various topics, School Computer Education, N.G.O. Projects.We provide Education with in the rural student financial limits. we want to help our students to develop an interesting and challenging career by imparting skills that are in high demand anywhere in the world. Giving our students a solid foundation to build on with experience and further studies. Our courses specially focus on bridging the gap, giving every student interested in computer studies the opportunity to pursue his/her career goals. We will Provide well-designed Courses, fairly graded, helpful for students with a wide range of abilities and experience. Curricula that are up-to-date and prepare students with relevant knowledge and skills for leading-edge industrial jobs.The opportunity to provide student a good job and placement in leading companies

Courses We Provide

We provide basic computer course, that includes basic Operation System Functions and Application Softwares. The Basic Course includes training of  following Softwares

  1. Window 10
  2. MS Word 2019
  3. MS Excel 2019
  4. MS Powerpoint 2019
  5. MS Access 2019

The Accounting softwares includes

    1. Tally


All the courses are ISO certified. that are recognized all over the world. This certificate is valid for any job, higher study or fill any study gap. All the certificate can be online verified on this website using the following link